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Searching for Dentists in Upper Mount Gravatt, Wishart, and Beyond? Contact Wishart Family Dental for Superior Preventative Care.

The statistics are troubling. According to a recent study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), tooth decay proves an ever-growing problem within the population:

Those Affected by Tooth Decay

28.2% of all men.
22.7% of all women.
48% of all children (ages 1 to 5).
63% of all children (ages 6 to 9).

Those Affected by Gum Disease

26.8% of all men.
19.0% of all women.
2.7% of all adolescents.

These numbers, as dentists in Mount Gravatt would agree, showcase a startling trend - with oral problems affecting high percentages of the national populace. To combat this concern, preventative methods become essential.

Wishart Family Dental: About Us

Wishart Family Dental emphasises the importance of preventative services. Our team - led by Drs. Jennifer Wang and Anna Song, both graduates of Griffith University - urge patients to establish bi-annual check-up routines, as well as to employ consistent (effective) methods at home. This is the only way to lessen the effects of decay, gum disease, and other complications.

As premier dentists in Wishart and dentists in Upper Mt. Gravatt, however, we also recognise that prevention extends beyond the home. This is why we deliver a series of services, all tailored to identifying and correcting developing problems. To schedule an appointment contact us today.

Preventative Dentists in Mount Gravatt, Eight Mile Plains, and Beyond: Our Services

To ensure the wellbeing of each patient, our dentists in Wishart provide multiple preventative options, including:

Fissure Sealants

Fissures are tiny grooves within the teeth that trap bacterial particles. These particles often evolve into frustrating issues, such as plaque, cavities, and decay. Our dentists in Upper Mt. Gravatt carefully apply sealants along the molars to protect against this occurrence.

Dental Erosion

A variety of factors - high levels of citric acids, high levels of sugars, low saliva flow - can harm the enamel, causing it to erode. Our dentists in Eight Mile Plains and beyond identify the source of this erosion and then create custom plans to combat it. Treatments may include topical creams, fillings, or root canals.


Cavities are often a challenge to treat, simply because they’ve been allowed to penetrate deep within each tooth. Our dentists in Wishart counter this with x-rays, routine check-ups, and thorough cleanings.

Through these methods, our team seeks to provide patients with the care they deserve. We offer comprehensive preventative services - as well as our restorative services, children's services, and emergency services - to the entire family.

Seeking Dentists in Upper Mt. Gravatt, Eight Mile Plains, and Beyond? Schedule an Appointment with Wishart Family Dental Today.

Prevention is crucial to the overall health and well-being of every individual. This is why our dentists in Mt. Gravatt provide essential fissure, erosion, and cavity services - striving to change the statistics and improve our patients’ lives. To learn more contact us today at or on 07-3219-1288.

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