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Emergency Dentist Brisbane Southside

Emergency Dentist in Brisbane Southside Provides Appointments for Children

When a child chips or knocks out a tooth, parents may be inclined to ignore the issue, thinking of it as a normal aspect of childhood. After all, those baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own to make way for adult teeth. Is it really necessary that children receive emergency dental care for a tooth that will fall out on its own anyway?

The surprising answer for many parents is that yes, even emergencies with baby teeth should be assessed by a professional. When a baby tooth is knocked out prematurely, it can cause damage to the underlying gum or to the adult tooth waiting to grow in. Seeing an emergency dentist in Brisbane Southside will ensure that if there is any damage, it will be treated quickly and efficiently, and furthermore that your child will not experience any other issues related to the problem, such as an infection caused by tissue damage. 

Even dental caries can become a major issue for young children if they are left untreated. If dental caries are left untreated, they can cause substantial damage that can affect you child’s dental health. If you notice that your child has dental caries, make schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist in Brisbane Southside to assess the problem and to determine what course of action is needed to maintain their dental health. 

Good dental hygiene and dental health practices begin in childhood. Whenever a dental emergency arises, parents should not hesitate to call a clinic such as to take care of the problem right away.

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