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The Importance of a Dental Check Up and Cleaning at Every Age From a Dentist in Mount Gravatt

Even if you brush your teeth and floss every day, a regular dental check up and cleaning can be a major part of your dental health practice. That is because even the most avid brusher is likely to experience issues such as dental caries at some point in their life, whether it is during childhood or as an adult. 

Even if there are no dental caries in sight, there can still be other issues such as crooked and chipped teeth that need to be addressed that patients may not notice on their own. A family dentist in Mount Gravatt can help patients young and old understand why cleanings and a regular six-month check up are so important.

One of the most important things that you can do for your family is to establish the importance of routine dental check ups and cleanings early on in your child’s life. Even baby teeth can be subject to dental caries, and issues may be found that if corrected early can prevent major issues as they grow older and their adult teeth begin to grow in.

A family dentist in Mount Gravatt that offers check ups and cleanings to children will be able to help parents identify problems and, in addition, can help teach kids the importance of maintaining their dental health through brushing and flossing at home. The caring staff at the best dental clinics know that the first step in dental health is education, and children who learn early on how to care for their teeth will have the tools to care for their dental health even as they transition into adulthood.

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