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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Brisbane

What Can I Expect With a Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Brisbane?

A wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure, but not surprisingly it can still make people a little nervous. When patients are looking for wisdom teeth extraction in Brisbane, their first order of business may be to determine whether or not the clinic they are interested in can provide all the services that they need throughout the procedure. 

The best dental clinics are dedicated to providing the full range of services. Even in cases where the wisdom teeth are found to be impacted, the staff at these clinics can help refer patients to a skilled oral surgeon who can help them. The process will begin during the initial consultation, in which X-rays will be done of the wisdom teeth as well as the surrounding molars to determine whether or not the teeth are impacted, and if there are any additional issues with the wisdom teeth that must be addressed. 

After that, patients will undergo the procedure itself. This will generally be scheduled in advance, though in some cases the dentist may be able to fit it in on the day of the consultation. The procedure is quick, and the gentle and caring staff at the best dental clinics will do everything they can to minimise discomfort that may be caused during the procedure. 

The final step of the procedure is a quick consultation so that patients know how to care for the extraction site. Issues such as dry socket are easily preventable, and all patients will be guided through the steps that they need to take so that the extraction site heals quickly, and with a minimum of problems. When you are looking for wisdom teeth extraction in Brisbane, trust a dental clinic with a history of quality care to help you through the entire process from start to finish.


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