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Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Brisbane Southside, Eight Mile Plains, Holland Park & Mansfield

Looking for Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services in Brisbane Southside, Eight Mile Plains, Holland Park, or Mansfield? Trust the Wishart Family Dental Team.

During late adolescence and early adulthood, many individuals experience the arrival of wisdom teeth. These molars - which appear the back of the mouth, lining the topmost and bottommost points of the jawline - serve as sources of frustration, pushing against the gumline and causing overcrowding. This triggers a series of potentially devastating symptoms, including:

  • Swollen Gums.
  • Bleeding Gums.
  • Swollen Jaw.
  • Cysts.
  • Infections.
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes.

Should these symptoms occur, wisdom tooth extraction in Brisbane Southside, wisdom tooth extraction in Eight Mile Plains, and wisdom tooth extraction in Holland Park is essential. To learn more contact Wishart Family Dental.

Wishart Family Dental: About Us

The necessity of wisdom tooth extraction in Mansfield and beyond proves undeniable - with young men and women often suffering from overcrowded gumlines and misaligned molars. Wishart Family Dental seeks to correct these issues. Our experienced team (led by Dr. Jennifer Wang and Dr. Anna Song) provide comprehensive removal services, utilising only the highest standards of care and tailoring treatments to each patient.

Searching for wisdom tooth extraction services in Brisbane Southside or wisdom tooth extraction services in Eight Mile Plains? Schedule an appoint with Wishart Family Dental today.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Holland Park and Beyond: Signs of Impacted Teeth

Impacting happens when a wisdom tooth has insufficient room to erupt. This is typically due to the presence of already formed molars, leading to a lack of space along the jawline. This forces the dentin to press itself into too-tight sockets, and misalignments occur.

Impacting often makes wisdom tooth extractions in Mansfield necessary. This is because the molars:

  • Grow at awkward angles, interfering with adjacent teeth.
  • Grow toward the back of the mouth, interfering with the soft tissue or gums,
  • Grow at ninety-degree angles, interfering with the jawbone.
  • Grow straight but refuse to erupt fully.

These scenarios, as wisdom tooth extraction clinics in Brisbane Southside would agree, prove troubling for patients - causing potential damage to their teeth, jaw, gums, and mouth.

Choosing Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services in Eight Mile Plains: Our Equipment

To ensure that our patients receive the gentle and comprehensive care they deserve, we rely only on proven equipment and techniques. Each wisdom tooth extraction in Holland Park adheres to the Australian Dental Association’s Infection Control Guidelines and the Department of Health Regulations. We then pair these strict quality standards with sterling tools, including:

  • L&R Ultrasonic Cleaners.
  • Lisa 500 Autoclaves.
  • Assistina 300 Plus.
  • Digital Radiographs.
  • A-Dec 500 Chairs.

These items provide premium comfort and support to all patients.

Searching for Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services in Mansfield, Holland Park, and Beyond? Contact Wishart Family Dental.

To learn more about the impacting process - including symptoms, treatment options, and possible preventative measures - contact Wishart Family Dental today:







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