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Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Mount Gravatt, Upper Mt Gravatt & Wishart

Seeking Experienced Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services in Upper Mount Gravatt, Wishart, Brisbane Southside, and Beyond? Schedule an Appointment with Wishart Family Dental.

With the arrival of wisdom teeth, back-row molars that typically appear during late adolescence comes a series of complications. These complications - which may include gum disease, infections, root cracking, fluid sacs, and decay - must be immediately and correctly addressed. Experienced dental teams are required to identify, assess, and correct all concerns.

Wishart Family Dental boasts such a team. We connect our patients to superior care, providing wisdom tooth extractions to Mount Gravatt, Brisbane Southside, Eight Mile Plains, and beyond. To schedule an appointment contact us today.

Wishart Family Dental: About Us

Wishart Family Dental offers a simple promise: to diagnose, treat, and prevent malformations. To keep this promise, we deliver custom patient plans, embracing a variety of service specialities (including restorative dentistry, root canal therapy, bridge and crown creations, and childrens’ dentistry). Our team - led by Dr. Jennifer Wang and Dr. Anna Song - adheres to the highest standards, striving to resolve even the most challenging oral issues.

A wisdom tooth extraction in Wishart and a wisdom tooth extraction in Upper Mt. Gravatt are among those issues. This is why we deliver precise removal services, eliminating the source of impaction and improving every smile.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services in Mount Gravatt, Mansfield, and Beyond

With each wisdom tooth extraction in Wishart and beyond, we seek to provide our patients with the relief they deserve. To do this we:

Assess all medical histories, which allows our team to create more efficient treatment options and adapt to any pre-existing conditions.

Examine the specific tooth through x-ray films, ensuring that we can precisely identify the root of the problem.

Perform the wisdom tooth extraction in Upper Mt. Gravatt, unless we feel the patient requires a referral (in extreme cases of impacting we may consult with oral surgeons).

Provide each patient with at-home care advice, enabling them to expedite the healing process.

Through these services, we accommodate all wisdom tooth extraction needs in Wishart, Brisbane Southside, and beyond.

Find Experienced Wisdom Tooth Extraction Professionals in Mount Gravatt

The Wishart team emphasises a need for quality care and equally quality service. To provide both we adhere to the guidelines established by the Australian Dental Association and the Department of Health Regulations. Griffith University graduates shape our team, with both Dr. Wang and Dr. Song boasting extensive academic and professional experience. They can confidently adapt to all extraction demands.

To learn more about our experience visit Our Team page today.

Looking for Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services in Upper Mt. Gravatt, Mansfield, or Brisbane Southside? Contact Wishart Family Dental Today.

Impacted teeth trigger a variety of conditions. Wishart Family Dental can respond to each of these circumstances. To learn more schedule an appointment with our dedicated team on 07-3219-1288. You can send us an email ( or pop in to the office at Wishart Shopping Village.

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